Launch a Nursing Career

Since his first gift to the Foundation in 2006, Dr. Tom Anderson, retired oncologist, has given in honor of cancer victims who were former patients, including Carrie Gasch, Dick Wilder, and, of course, Dolores Snyder, plus others. It’s only natural that Dr. Anderson’s tradition of giving developed as an extension of his professional practice. Though he is no longer practicing medicine, he continues to make a difference in his community.

“I know even my small gifts can make a difference when they are combined with the gifts of others, and I believe I need to do my part.
We all need to give back. It makes us better people.”
                                                                   – Dr. Tom Anderson

Stethoscopes for Students

With your support, we can create a new tradition at Northwest College and provide a helping hand to:

  • 24 Nursing class members

  • 12 Licensed practical nursing students who enroll in next years programs

  • 12 Hybrid Nursing class members - Cody

Your support enhances education for the next generation of highly qualified nurses who are vital contributors to our local healthcare system.

 Let’s make a difference in their lives, and thus the lives of their future patients and families!


Vibrancy: The Campaign for Northwest College celebrates our heritage and drives forward an imperative to transform our campus into an innovative, dynamic center for student learning and community vitality. We are moving forward to achieve a vibrancy in our buildings that matches the energy and drive of our students. We are putting their vision into practice. We are building a Student Center that enhances their out-of-classroom learning. This campaign intends to build a vibrant Student Center that will punctuate Northwest College’s sense of community and inclusion. The new Student Center will be a place of belonging – one that captures the Trapper spirit.  

June 6

Saturday, 6/6/2024
Trapper Bonanza


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Saturday, 7/11/2024
Alumni Car Show

Northwest College Campus 

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231 West 6th St
Powell, WY  82435

307.754.6110 or 800.498.3914


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